Monday, October 17, 2005


Oh, Here I Am, Right Here!

Well it is not that I haven't been posting anywhere or doing anything, I just really haven't been doing much here. It's not like I have a huge following or that anyone really is paying attention to what is said here. I just haven't felt the urge to come back here and update anything. I figured I'd just create my own corner of the World Wide Web and do it there.

Over the last couple of months, I've created
SProctor.Com and a few other places to jot down a few lines. My main set of blogs can be found there at or via Serendipity (An awesome open-source weblog system that I installed) at: SProctor.Com/serendipity/. I have several different threads/categories of blogs going there. There are really three distinct ones at the moment. I'm really having a little fun at the moment learning all of the different tools that are available, especially the open-source ones that seem so abundant. A lot of them seem pretty decent, well thought-out, and well written.

In the coming weeks, you may also find me blogging a little on a very good friend's (Teri Robert) new website:
MigraineDisease.Com I plan on making a small contribution there from time to time as well as continuing to drop by here and relate my personal experiences with migraines. In addition to these sites, I have another article and a book review that I plan to contribute to the Headaches / Migraines area of About.Com in the near future. This site is also being managed and run by Teri Robert, a very well known expert on migraine disease, nationally recognized patient advocate and accomplished author. She is also an absolutely wonderful friend. Though she maintains several others, her main personal migraine website can be found at HelpForHeadaches.Com. You can find out information about her new book and even obtain a signed copy there.

Well, I guess that is enough updating & self-promotion for now. Don't completely write me off, just come and visit me at
SProctor.Com, there are tons of resources & information there along with my blogs that pick-up sorta where this one has left off. For those folks that do know about this blog here on blogger/blogspot, I've not abandoned it totally either, just been a little busy elsewhere.


Stephen A. Proctor

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