Sunday, July 17, 2005


Life is at Least Back to Normal....

Life is at least back to normal in the sense that the pain tells me that I am still here. I would sure like to trade with someone for a time just to get some sort of break for a while, this is getting real old, real quick.

I broke a tooth the other day... some would say OUCH, but not I. In fact just to qualify/quantify it I'll explain a little further. It was indeed a healthy tooth and it did in fact, have an exposed root / nerve. Yes, it hurt a lot. The pain of this new problem was absolutely nothing compared to my migraine!

I will never understand why people still refer to these darn things as mere headaches. They just aren't. And if you think these migraines are bad, try throwing a Cluster in on top of it all and you can't help but to wreath about out of your mind... or at least I am.

It is no wonder why folks bang their head against a wall with a Cluster, saying that the feeling of banging their head is better than the pain of the Cluster... I am a true believer.

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