Friday, July 22, 2005


Keeping Me Going…

What keeps me going these days is not something that you hear much about in the media or the annals of medical science. Yep, that’s right… it’s my love for the Lord and my ever growing relationship with Him through prayer. This is not some hokey, barely held together deal involving phrases like “born again” or “saved” though I can appreciate them from my protestant friends. It is not something picked up from some television evangelist nor read in some “tell-all” book about the end of time.

It is something simple that continues to grow within me… a love for Jesus Christ, His Father & the Holy Spirit and a thankfulness for all that He has done & continues to do for me and for that matter, all of mankind. It is very comforting to be laying there in extreme pain and know that there is someone one out there that truly understands what I am going through and all that I have done and still with all of that understanding & knowledge He loves and accepts me for who I truly am.

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