Saturday, July 02, 2005


It's the Holiday Migraines

Just like usual, a big national holiday rolls up (July 4th) and sure enough... I find myself deeply entangled within the tentacles of a nasty migraine cycle and snared by an even more-vicious set of clusters. It's a real shame since the wife has until Wednesday off from work.

To top it all off I have somehow managed to come down with flu symptoms. What a lovely way to start out the weekend. Right now my head has let up somewhat (I sincerely hope it stays that way, I am totally exhausted). I thought that I'd take a few minutes to address some of my ongoing, open issues, like this blog for instance, and my hosting duties at Headaches dot About dot Com. Anyway, the post here this time will not set any world records for longevity or anything of the sort, that is for sure. I sure wish & pray that folks would be real nice and just leave me alone, sometimes when I'm feeling so out of it, it is so very frustrating. Other times, I am wondering where everybody is and why they aren't pestering me...

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