Monday, June 27, 2005


The Beginning of a Blog About Migraines, My Head & I...

After several months of contemplation, I have finally done something about my urge to start a blog. Since I currently experience on average somewhere around 4 to 5 migraines a week, I felt that it was probably somewhat appropriate to do a blog about my experiences with migraines and add as much correct information I can get my grubby hands concerning migraines, clusters and other neurological type diseases and conditions. It will take me a few days of getting used to this along with a few more to compile some of the basic info I want to start out with. I certainly would appreciate any and all "constructive" suggestions, comments & criticisms as I get started here (Please NO commercial type stuff though).

I wish to give a special nod to my friend and very favorite patient advocate / resident migraine "expert," Teri Robert. Teri is one of the About Guides and is responsible for their headaches/migraine forums on About dot com. She also has several other sites on the web which promote fighting migraine disease through education and patient advocacy.

In addition, Teri has a new book coming out in November of 2005. It will be called "Living Well With Migraine Disease and Headaches." It will feature a comprehensive overview of the risks and symptoms of Migraines and various other types of chronic head pain, traditional and alternative therapies, information on finding health care practitioners and support, numerous case studies and expert advice, a head pain diary, a checklist of symptoms and risk factors, and a detailed resource section featuring web sites, books, and articles. This invaluable guide gives you unbiased information on all treatments with a compassionate voice from one of the country's leading patient advocates.

BTW, I figured that I would mention her name here and see if a google alert will bring her here to check this out. Fundamentally, she knows the real reason I started this blog. That is entirely another story meant for another time... Thanks for stoppin by, I really appreciate it!

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